Rhode Island Moves Forward On Gun Control Measures

May 25, 2018

In an overwhelming majority, the Rhode Island Senate passed two bills aimed at curbing gun violence in Rhode Island.

One bill would allow for the court-ordered seizure of firearms from individuals deemed dangerous, also known as a red flag policy. The other bans modifications to guns, allowing them to shoot off bullets at a higher rate.

Jennifer Boylan regularly advocates for gun control at the Statehouse as a volunteer with Moms Demand Action. She hopes the General Assembly will move forward on other gun control measures.

“I hope their foot is on the gas and they’re going to keep going. We need a variety of solutions to curb gun violence in our country,” said Boylan. “There’s no one law that’s going to fix it. So I’m hoping that the domestic violence bill was the beginning and this is the next step, and that they’ll be more steps after this.”

Advocates say the red flag policy is an important preventive measure against gun violence. The American Civil Liberties Union argues that red flag laws are too speculative, since they are based largely on a fear of what may happen.

It remains unclear at this point if the legislature will approve other gun bills, including proposed bans on large-capacity magazines and continued sales of semiautomatic rifles.

The Red Flag bill has already passed in the House; Governor Raimondo is expected to sign the Red Flag bill into law.

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