RI ACLU Files FOIA Over Travel Ban Implementation

Feb 2, 2017

The RI ACLU joined other chapters to file this FOIA request for documents related to the Trump administration's implementation of the travel ban.
Credit RI ACLU

The Rhode Island ACLU is demanding details from U.S. Customs and Border officials on how they are handling President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The move is a coordinated freedom of information request with multiple states.

Rhode Island’s ACLU joined chapters from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to request documents about how officials are interpreting the temporary immigration ban. A federal judge in New England recently ordered officials to stop enforcing the ban. But there have been media reports of immigrants turned away at the borders. 

In a statement, the ACLU says it’s concerned border officials may be engaging in an “abuse of power.”

President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries over the weekend. Confusion ensued at airports across the country as administration officials tried to determine who the ban applied to.

The ACLU is asking the administration to release numbers of refugees, visa holders, and legal permanent residents who have been affected by the ban.