RI, CT Sign Gun Control Measures Into Law

Jun 4, 2018

Rhode Island has banned the use and sale of bump stocks, and now allows the court-ordered removal of firearms from individuals deemed dangerous. Governor Gina Raimondo signed the bills into law Friday.

The two gun control measures moved through the general assembly swiftly following several high-profile shootings across the country, notably the February attack at a high school in Parkland Florida which left 17 people dead. The bill passed despite protests from gun rights activists, who say it does not address the illegal firearms trade.

After the signing, Governor Raimondo said she hopes the General Assembly to act on several other gun control bills before them.

“I would also like to see the legislature not allow guns in schools, they have a bill before them now to do that,” Raimondo said. “I’d also like to see them ban military-style weapons. That bill is before them, and I hope they pass it and get it to me. And if it doesn’t happen this session, we’ll go back at it next session.”

It’s unclear if any of those bills will make it through this session.

In Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy signed legislation Thursday that bans bump stocks and other devices that increase the rate of fire of weapons. The bill was prompted by last year’s shooting in Las Vegas, when 50 people were killed in less than 10 minutes, by a gunman using a bump stock device on an assault-style rifle.

Malloy signed the measure at a ceremony at a Hartford high school, where student Zahir Akbar spoke.

“Students all over the country have begun to rise up and take action against matters that affect us all,” said student. “It’s very important for us as students to speak and enact change within our communities.”