RI Offshore Wind Announcement Surprises Many, But Gov. Denies Lack Of Transparency

May 29, 2018

A recent announcement that Rhode Island plans to work with Deepwater Wind, developers of the Block Island Wind Farm, on a new larger-scale offshore wind project came as a surprise to many people.

Rhode Island had been involved with Massachusetts for the past year in a selection process for offshore wind farms. 

Governor Gina Raimondo denies there was any lack of transparency during that time.

"We participated, everyone knew we were participating, we’d been working on it for months," Raimondo said. 

Information regarding the state’s involvement was available online.

Footnote eight on page one of Massachusett's request for proposals says they "will consider the participation of other states as a means to achieve the Commonwealth's Offshore Wind Energy Generation goals if such participation has positive or neutral impact on Massachusetts ratepayers."

The footnote also says "Rhode Island's Distribution Company, Narragansett Electric Company, has expressed interest in evaluating and considering projects proposed in response to this RFP," but there was nothing explicitly stating Rhode Island had joined the conversation.  

The Ocean State's involvement was not publicized because Massachusetts had to make their bid selection first, and Rhode Island didn't know which proposals were available for their own selection until about 24 hours before the announcement was made. 

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