RI Touts Election Security Improvements, Amid National Concerns

Apr 11, 2018

Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea says her office is making progress on security and public access to voting. The state is working with the Department of Homeland Security to protect against hacking of voter systems. Rhode Island has also adopted new technology meant to streamline voting and guard voter information.

Gorbea says the need to protect voting systems now the norm in the U.S. and Rhode Island.

“Cybersecurity is not a destination, but a continually evolving road that requires constant attention to mitigate risk,” said Gorbea.

According to Gorbea, all elections officials, and all Rhode Island Department of State staff will now receive cybersecurity training.

“We’re looking at online systems, Election Day operations, and the human resources that are part of our election system.”

Gorbea says Rhode Island will also conduct post-election audits, or reviews of the voting machines to ensure accuracy, and add scrutiny for close races.