RI Women Receive $300,000 In Grants Each For Innovation Projects

Apr 17, 2017

Two Rhode Island women, Ditra Edwards and Donna Childs, are the recipients of $300,000 in grants from the Rhode Island Foundation to help improve civic engagement.

Edwards is using her grant money to launch SistaFire RI, a platform where women train other women in civic engagement. Edwards says she aims to create a network where women can tackle issues like affordable house and education to better their communities.  

Childs will use her award to develop a mobile application to connect people who want to volunteer in climate and disaster resilience projects. The app plans to track people’s volunteer hours and for each hour of service a person performs they can receive a match in service for the project of their choosing.

The innovation fellowships are funded by Letitia and John Carter and are awarded over three years. This year, an estimated 200 people applied.