RIPR Off the Air Briefly Tonight

May 26, 2017

Tonight during Marketplace (6:30-7pm) there will be about 10-15 minutes of dead air on RIPR.  All our FM signals will be off, and the webcast will be down.

"Doc Brown" from Back to the Future

We are installing a new Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS (aka "battery backup") for our studios & master control.  This is a big one, a Controlled Power Systems' ES-AAX-5500-S, enough to run the entire Studio A, Studio B, and the Master Control room.  I believe it'll keep all that running for an hour but until normal circumstances it just needs to last a minute or two until the backup power generator starts up.

There's a bit of irony involved with killing power to our facility, in order to install a device meant to keep the electricity on when the street power goes out.  But hey, the good news is that this is a major step forward in keeping things running 24/ important consideration at a news radio station!