School Evacuated

Johnston – Johnston High School was evacuated today, after an apparent prank that sent more than 20 students and teachers to the hospital.

Johnston Police arrested a 15 year-old boy, who is a student at the school for the prank. The boy put chlorine tablets in a soda bottle with rubbing alcohol, which released chlorine gas, according to police. He faces a felony charge of placing a bomb in the school.

?He is being charged under Rhode Island general laws for placing a bomb, an incendiary device, in a school building, which is a felony. It carries between a three and 20 year sentence,? said Police Captain David Arusso, ?There was a chemical compound?chlorine tablets, the kind used in swimming pools along with rubbing alcohol. It was placed in a plastic bottle with a cap on it. It caused the bottle to burst.?

Police did not release the suspect?s name. They said he would be held at the State Training School until an arraignment on Tuesday. The boy has no prior criminal record. Police believe he acted alone.

Teachers and students were taken to Rhode Island Hospital with respiratory and eye irritations. All but one teacher was released by mid-afternoon. The teacher was listed in good condition.