Sea Life and Waves Roll Along I-95 Underpass in Providence

Jul 30, 2013

The murals along Eddy Street features whales, dolphins and other sea creatures.
Credit James Baird

A mural commissioned to mark Rhode Island Hospital’s 150th anniversary was unveiled Tuesday morning in Providence.

Dolphins, whales, harbor seals and an octopus mingle among the blue and violet waves that roll down the walls of the Eddy Street underpass. Artist Kenn Speiser says the waves are meant to have a calming effect on drivers as they buzz by.

Artists Ken Speiser, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas and Merle Mainelli Poulton with their mural in the background.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Speiser and his team painted during the day for about three weeks, getting plenty of feedback along the way.

“We should maybe make it a little bit bluer or a little bit greener. Some itinerant homeless people who stand at the intersection with their coffee cups became a part of our family of painting and critics,” said Speiser. “Everyone’s a critic, even if they don’t have a brush in their hand.”

Speiser said one of the biggest challenges painting the Eddy Street underpass was adjusting to all the noise from traffic and ambulances, sirens blaring as they passed by.

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