Some RI Residents Unsatisfied With Trump Response To Virginia Violence

Aug 15, 2017

On Monday, President Donald Trump condemned the white supremacists responsible for violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

Describing members of the KKK as “criminals and thugs” Trump called for unity but in Providence, it was hard to find residents satisfied with the President’s response.

“I thought his response was late and I thought it was inadequate,” said Jamestown resident Louise Potter. Potter said the president should have strongly condemned hate groups sooner.

“I think that he should get rid of all his hate talk. He should have come down a lot harder on the white supremacists that were there.”

Benjamin Perez of Fall River said he was bothered Trump had blamed “many sides” for the violence, in an earlier statement.

“When he says ‘many,’ the word many to me diffuses the focuses so that way, you can cloud the issues even further,” Perez said

Franco Colavecchia of Providence, said he wished the President had referred to the Nazi party, in condoning the violence.

“He is aligning it to criminal behavior, it is political behavior, it is Nazi behavior,” Colavecchia said. “He can call it criminal if he wants but he’s localizing it to criminal behavior and not what the danger is to America: a Nazi Party reorganized.”

In Rhode Island, demonstrators in cities including Providence, South Kingstown and Newport held candlelight vigils for the demonstrators who were injured – and one killed – while protesting the white supremacists in Virginia.