Study Shows Adderall May Not Be A Study Aid For Healthy Students

Jul 5, 2018

Credit Tony Webster / Flickr

A pilot study, led by researchers at the University of Rhode Island and Brown University, suggests a drug commonly prescribed for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder may not help healthy college students who use it to help them study. 

Research has shown many college students use stimulants like Adderall, without a prescription, often hoping it will improve their academic performance. But the new study, recently published in the journal Pharmacy, finds that healthy people who use Adderall can actually decrease cognitive functions like working memory. 

The study also found no enhancement in reading comprehension, although it did find people without ADHD who used the drug showed improved attention.

The study was conducted by researchers in at the University of Rhode Island, Brown University and in Iceland. The authors cautioned that while their results showed Adderall can decrease some cognitive functions in people without ADHD, the drug has been shown to be effective for improving cognitive function in adults and children who have ADHD.