Taveras Unveils Plan For State's Tourism Industry

May 20, 2014

Providence mayor and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Angel Taveras unveiled his plan for the state’s tourism industry.

Providence mayor and gubernatorial hopeful Angel Taveras says his plan for the state's tourism industry will bring more than 2000 jobs to Rhode Island.

Taveras says he plans to spend five million dollars a year to the industry for a total of twenty-million dollars over a four year term to promote the state. Taveras says the plan would create about 2600 new jobs in the state, helping the floundering economy.  Rhode Island’s unemployment remains the nation’s highest at more than eight percent.

However the tourism industry is staying strong despite the recession; accounting for about ten percent of the state’s employment. Taveras hopes investment in the industry will also make the state a more attractive place for other businesses to move. His plan would see investments not only in the state’s arts and culture, but also infrastructure improvements to roads, and highways, and the state’s public transportation.

Fellow Democratic candidate for Governor Gina Raimondo unveiled a similar plan earlier this year.

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