TheEC: 102.7 Shutdown for Tower Work on March 28th

Mar 25, 2015

The 102.7 tower. The three orange antenna bays at the top are the WRNI-FM array; AT&T is the white vertical lattice below it.
Credit Aaron Read RIPR

Beginning at 10:00am on Saturday March 28th there will be an extended outage of RIPR's 102.7FM signal.   It is expected to last several hours at least, possibly until sunset (around 6:30pm).

We may be able to continue operating at reduced power.  But it's likely that 102.7 will just be completely off the air.   Please note: whenever 102.7 is off, our WCVY 91.5FM signal in Coventry will be off as well.  (it gets its content via a radio receiver tuned to 102.7)

Note: the RIPR WELH 88.1FM and webcast will OPERATE AS NORMAL.  They are NOT affected by this outage.

The reason for this is that AT&T Wireless has multiple projects for their cellphone antennas on the tower.  These were originally scheduled for last fall, but had to be delayed due to an osprey nest on the tower.

AT&T's antennas are the closest to WRNI-FM's antenna array at the top of the tower.  As you can see in the pic, they're pretty close to each other.  For worker safety reasons, we have to reduce, or eliminate, our FM transmissions while they're up there.

Under normal circumstances, we try to relegate such outages to being after 1pm on weekends, but this time the crew needs a lot of daylight to hoist up new gear and install it.  Hence the earlier start time.   The good news is that we were able to coordinate with multiple contractors to get multiple projects all done at the same time, thus reducing the number of days we'll have to do this.

Also note: the MVYradio broadcast on 96.5FM in Newport relies on WRNI-FM 102.7HD2, which will also be off the air.  You can hear their webcast at or, if you're on the Vineyard, listen to their main 88.7FM signal.

We apologize to all our Kent and South County / Aquidneck and MVYradio listeners for the inconvenience!