TheEC: New Double Content Delivery System (oops)

Jan 23, 2017

Test subject #15 for DCDS :)

Astute listeners probably noticed at 8pm on Friday night (Jan.20th) that RIPR was airing our new "Double Content Delivery System."   It's still technically in the prototype stage, so there's some bugs to work out, but overall we were very happy with its ability to put out twice as much content at once.  Soon we'll roll it out across our schedule, and you'll barely be able to make sense of all the content we'll be throwing at you!

Okay, so, yeah, that's a joke. :)

In reality there was a foulup with our automation.  That night, On Point had special live coverage of the President's inauguration from 7-8pm.  We subscribed to that live feed on output (aka as "Demod" for us, short for "demodulator," itself a depreciated term since it's all digital data delivery over the satellite these days) number one of four.  The automation was supposed to switch off the virtual fader of Demod 1 at 7:58:30pm but clearly did not.

Then at 8pm sharp, Demod 1's subscription changed to the weekly delivery of This American Life.  That's actually a backup feed we record in real-time in case the file delivery (over the public internet) fails for any reason.

Catch is, at 8pm we normally air a rebroadcast of the 11am feed (aka the "second hour") of On Point.  That played just fine, but Demod 1 was still on, so you heard both On Point AND This American Life at the same time.  Yikes!

Fortunately, several RIPR staff heard it and texted/called your Intrepid Engineer whilst I was out at dinner.  I long ago set up a means by which I could log into our automation computers remotely, and was able to "turn off" the virtual audio fader for Demod 1; putting RIPR back to just airing On Point like it should be.  Total time of the double audio was about 12 or 14 minutes.

So apologies all around for the foul-up!