TheEC: Pics of 89.3FM Tiverton

Jun 5, 2018

Here's some pics of our project moving 89.3FM to the Tiverton tower!

To speak a bit more: you'll notice many of the pics of the panel antennas show they aren't flush with the mounts, or the RF conduits are of different lengths and thicknesses.  The key here is that our antenna pattern is directional, meaning it has different amounts of power going in different directions.   We have to do that to avoid interfering with stations WQPH 89.3 up north in Fitchburg, MA, and WPKT 89.1 out west in Norwich, CT.   There's a fiendishly complicated relationship between the orientation of the panels, the size/shape of the radiating elements on the panels, the length of the RF power cables running from the dividers to the elements, and - last but most definitely not least - the size and shape of the tower structure itself. Shively Labs has a 1/4 scale range at their labs in Bridgton, Maine where they build a replica of the tower and antennas and modify them until they have the design exactly right for the station's needs