TheEC: Speak And Ye Shall Hear...Alexa Skills!

Jun 22, 2017

Credit James Baumgartner RIPR

Rhode Island Public Radio, in conjunction with our webcast provider, StreamGuys, has created a new Alexa Skill just for RIPR!  To activate it for your Echo or Echo Dot, just go to this address:

Your intrepid engineer can be a bit, err, intimidated by how much Alexa can do...especially how much it can insert itself into your personal life...but even he can't deny that it's pretty cool.  Just say:

"Alexa, open Rhode Island Public Radio."

And it will open our Alexa Skill, and give you voice prompts on what to do next.  Or you can skip ahead and tell Alexa exactly what to do, such as:

Alexa, tell Rhode Island Public Radio to...

  • ...listen live.  (plays our live webcast)
  • local newscast.  (plays the most recent local newscast audio)
  • Political Roundtable. (plays the most recent episode)
  • Scott MacKay. (plays Scott's most recent commentary)
  • This I Believe Rhode Island.  (plays the most recent essay)

This works equally well with the full Echo device (pictured) or the Echo Dot, which you can get for $40 or $50 at most places that sell electronics (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc).