TheEC: West River Runs High Through 1290

Mar 31, 2014

The West River runs high through the 1290AM tower site. Water levels are a good two feet above normal.
Credit Aaron Read

As many of you know, RIPR owns and maintains the 1290AM site on the Providence/North Providence town line.  Our NPR satellite downlink is there, and we lease the frequency to our friends at Latino Public Radio.

In the past, the site was largely a pond (Whipple Pond) with Douglas Ave forming part of a dam in the eastern corner.   After the torrential rains of 2010, the dam broke and the pond drained.  Now the West River flows freely through the site.

After this weekend's rains, it's flowing a little, ehem, "high" at the moment.  A good two or three feet above normal, as seen in this video.

Fortunately the site already has excellent drainage by virtue of it used to be a pond.  So there's no flooding now, and it'd take a lot more rain to cause flooding.  But the video of the water is impressive nonetheless.

However, I'll bet the rainstorm is why there was a brief power outage at 1290 around 12:30AM Saturday night/Sunday morning.   Just a few seconds at most (otherwise, the generator would've kicked in) but it caused RIPR to lose BBC programming for a couple minutes as the satellite receiver rebooted.