A Triple-Decker Love Story

Aug 24, 2017

Many triple-deckers have balconies like this one.
Credit marclevitt.org

The triple-decker, in some places, is a big sandwich. But here in New England, the triple-decker is a particular kind of rental housing: a three-story apartment building, usually of wood-frame construction, with each floor consisting of one apartment. 

There are lots of triple-deckers in former mill and factory towns in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Waves of immigrants passed through these homes. Now, writer and filmmaker Marc Levitt is working on a documentary to tell their story. He talks to RIPR's Chuck Hinman about his movie: Triple-Decker, A New England Love Story.

Using an online fundraising tool, Levitt is working to raise the funds to complete his documentary. He hopes to raise enough money to finish the film within two years.

Levitt has completed a trailer for the project, which debuts on Saturday, August 26, at McCoy Stadium. The Pawsox have dubbed it "Triple Decker Day." Levitt is scheduled to toss out the first pitch of the game and show the trailer at 6 p.m.