WCVY 91.5 update Apr.22

Apr 21, 2014

BW Broadcast TX300 v2 transmitter
Credit BW Broadcast

UPDATE 3:30PM​  Taking advantage of the downtime, we swapped in the new BW Broadcast TX300v2 transmitter to replace the aging BE FX50 & QEI/LPB FM150SS combo.   The 91.5FM signal should be a little better than usual now.

If you're curious: we only need 100 watts of transmitter power to, when coupled with a 4-bay antenna with 2.0 gain, actually broadcast 200 watts Effective Radiated Power (ERP).  So why a 300 watts transmitter?  Simply, the next size smaller transmitter that BW makes is only 50 watts; not big enough.  Plus it never hurts to run transmitters at somewhat less than their maximum power.  It stresses the equipment less and makes things last longer.


Due to major HVAC work being performed at Coventry High School, beginning around 9am on Tuesday Apr.22, the 91.5FM WCVY signal will be off-and-on as power for the whole building will be switched off and on.  We apologize for the inconvenience.