Weather Service’s Taunton Radar Will Be Out Of Service For Scheduled Maintenance

Jun 19, 2017

The National Weather Service is taking its radar in Taunton, Massachusetts, out of commission Tuesday for three or four days of planned maintenance. This is the first of four scheduled upgrades for the radar.

Meteorologist Glenn Field said there is no safety issue while the radar is out of commission.   

“The National Weather Service radar in Taunton has the best view of Southeastern Massachusetts into Central Massachusetts and Rhode Island. But we often rely on collaborating radar imagery from Albany, New York and Gray, Maine, which overlap the area significantly,” Field said.

According to Field, this may be the shortest of the scheduled upgrades.

“The next one, which may not come for several months could have the radar out for about a week. And I believe there’s even one a couple of years from now where it could be out for a month,” Field said.

Field said the repairs are needed to keep the radar functional over the next 20 years.