Without Power For Five Days, Rural Areas Hit Especially Hard

Nov 6, 2017

Some Rhode Islanders were just getting their power back Friday, after hurricane-force winds left more than 140,000 people in the state without power Sunday night. But five days later, more than 1,000 people were still off-line across the state.

Urban and suburban areas continued to have outages, but rural areas appeared especially hard hit, including parts of Charlestown, Foster, and West Greenwich.

West Greenwich resident Kelly Laiho was hoping she wouldn’t have to wait too much longer for heat and electricity.

“I mean somebody’s got to be the last to get their power on, I guess it was my turn,” Laiho said, adding it was hard to blame her utility, National Grid. “I know they’re doing the best that they can.”

Laiho, who works as a deputy clerk in West Greenwich's town offices, said she knew crews were out fixing fallen power lines but admitted to missing the essentials.

“You don’t realize how good you have it with running water and hot water and heat,” Laiho said.

National Grid deployed more than 600 crews to restore power in Rhode Island in the week following the storm.