Amos Winter

A MIT engineer has developed a lightweight, prosthetic foot that can be tailored to each patient that will cost less than prosthetics  on the market now.

After he was approached by Jaipur Foot, an artificial limbs manufacturer in India, Amos Winter, associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT,  said he realized there was no way to anticipate an amputee’s walking behavior just by looking at the mechanical design of a foot. 

Robin Lubbock

Army veteran Brandon Korona pulls up his pant leg, rearranges a protective sleeve, and twists off the plastic socket on top of his prosthetic left leg. It comes off with a suction cup-like pop.

"There we go," says Korona.

Heather Abbott Adapting To Life As An Amputee

Nov 12, 2013
Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

A little more than six months have passed since Newport resident Heather Abbott lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing. We’ll be checking in with Abbott for the next few months as she adjusts to life without a limb. We’ll also be exploring the growing community of amputees Abbott has joined – a community researchers say could double in the next few decades.