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Lynn Arditi

On a rainy primary day, incumbent Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo secured her party's nomination for a second run for governor. Republican Allan Fung, of Cranston, did the same. And a significant number of progressive candidates won in Democratic primaries for General Assembly.

John Bender / RIPR

Rhode Island residents will take to the polls for primary elections Wednesday, and one of the candidates isn’t letting her age from stopping her run for Senate. 81-year old Pat Fontes is running against incumbent Democratic Sheldon Whitehouse for U.S. Senate. Rhode Island Public Radio's Dave Fallon spoke with the former educator who says she is running her campaign on an anti-war platform.

Avory Brookins / RIPR

The power of progressive Democrats faces a local test Wednesday. In the Rhode Island primary, a group of progressives are challenging candidates backed by the party establishment.

Lynn Arditi / RIPR

Rhode Island’s primary election is Wednesday, and we’ve been talking to voters to find out how Trump’s presidency may impact the local election. One group Trump has mentioned among his supporters is Harley-Davidson riders. But over the summer, Trump blasted the American motorcycle company for announcing it was moving some production overseas. Rhode Island Public Radio’s Lynn Arditi checked in with local Harley riders about how they’re feeling about Trump and the primary.

Rhode Island Public Radio presents a special primary debate in Rhode Island’s Democratic race for governor. The candidates are former Secretary of State Matt Brown and former state Representative Spencer Dickinson. Governor Gina Raimondo declined to participate. 

Talia Blake / RIPR

Teachers, students, and police milled quietly around Central High School and Providence Career and Technical Academy Thursday morning, the day after a shooting claimed the life of a student outside the two schools.

Ian Donnis / RIPR

With less than a week until the primary election, accusations are flying in the Democratic race for governor. Matt Brown, the top primary opponent to Governor Gina Raimondo, is running a progressive challenge to Raimondo from the left.

Rhode Island’s economy has improved since Gina Raimondo took office as governor in 2015. Unemployment is down to a level not seen since 2000, and the state has more jobs than at any time in its history.

Elisabeth Harrison

The candidates for mayor of Providence shared their views Tuesday night of a proposed skyscraper in the city's jewelry district, how to solve billions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities, and how to improve public schools.

Robin Lubbock / WBUR

There is a changing of the guard in the 7th Congressional District, with shockwaves sure to reverberate throughout the Democratic Party.

Jesse Costa / WBUR

More than 6,000 Salvadorans living in Massachusetts with temporary immigration status face potential deportation next year, when the humanitarian program allowing them to live in the U.S. expires.

This I Believe New England: Genuine Heroes

Sep 4, 2018
Scott Indermaur

If we’re fortunate, we have genuine heroes in our lives.  Some of our heroes may be extraordinary, people whose spectacular feats defy comprehension, perhaps a citizen who risked her life to save total strangers from a burning house, or navy seals who rescued children trapped in a remote cave.  Sometimes heroism is much more quiet and understated – ordinary people who go about their daily lives with earnest dedication, answering the call of duty without fanfare.  As Patty Higgins notes, sometimes we find out about inspiring heroism in unlikely places.  



The PawSox are still in Rhode Island even though the team has announced plans to move to a new stadium in Worcester in 2021. The team played home games this weekend at McCoy, and fans were emotional about the prospect of losing the team.

“Devastated, just devastated,” said Seekonk resident Kelly Adams. She spent her childhood in Pawtucket, with trips to McCoy Stadium a regular family ritual.


It appears that the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Boston Red Sox top minor league farm team, is getting closer to announcing a proposed deal to leave the Rhode Island city that has been the team’s home since the 1970s for a new stadium to be built in Worcester.

A source close to the team who communicated with Rhode Island Public Radio on the condition of anonymity said an announcement of a financial offer for a new stadium in Worcester would be made Friday.

Want Free Coffee? Personal Data Is The Way To Pay

Aug 14, 2018
Chaiel Schaffel / RIPR

Shiru Cafe looks like a regular coffee shop. Inside, machines whir, baristas dispense caffeine and customers hammer away on laptops. But all of the customers are students, and there’s a reason for that. At Shiru Cafe, no college ID means no caffeine.

Ian Donnis / RIPR

In less than five weeks, Rhode Islanders will go to the polls for a primary election. And because the state has so few Republican voters, primaries sometimes decide who will hold a political office even before the general election. That's the case in a Providence race between a former Trump supporter and an incumbent Democrat.