The PawSox are still in Rhode Island even though the team has announced plans to move to a new stadium in Worcester in 2021. The team played home games this weekend at McCoy, and fans were emotional about the prospect of losing the team.

“Devastated, just devastated,” said Seekonk resident Kelly Adams. She spent her childhood in Pawtucket, with trips to McCoy Stadium a regular family ritual.

The end of an era is dawning, with plans by the PawSox to move to Worcester -- a story that will continue to reverberate in Rhode Island. So thanks for stopping by for my weekly column. As usual your tips and comments are welcome, and you can follow me through the week on the twitters. (Program note: I'm taking next week off, so TGIF will return August 31.)

Former State Sen. Jamie Doyle, a Pawtucket Democrat, has been charged by the U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island with 31 counts of bank fraud and tax evasion, the federal Justice Department announced this afternoon.

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The Rhode Island General Assembly ended its 2018 session on Saturday. One of the top issues throughout the session was the fate of legislation to help create a new PawSox stadium in Pawtucket. Rhode Island Public Radio political reporter Ian Donnis spoke with RIPR's Chuck Hinman about where things stand on that proposal.

Q: Ian, bring us up to speed. Where do things stand with the PawSox and a potential new stadium in Pawtucket?

Ian Donnis / RIPR

The General Assembly ended a years-long legislative debate about an envisioned PawSox stadium in Pawtucket by approving Friday what supporters called enabling legislation that will shield taxpayers from risk. But it remains unclear if the top minor league team of the Boston Red Sox will support the concept.

Ian Donnis / RIPR

In a significant breakthrough on an issue that has consumed attention in Rhode Island for years, the House Finance Committee is expected to vote Thursday in favor of legislation that could create a new PawSox stadium in Pawtucket.

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It remains unclear if the Pawtucket Red Sox will support the revised stadium plan unveiled this week by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello.

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With the House Finance Committee set to review a revised PawSox stadium plan on Thursday, debate continues about whether the project is good or bad for Rhode Island taxpayers.

We're on the cusp of an exciting new year in Rhode Island, with lots of political intrigue and big elections up for grabs. So thanks for stopping by. As usual your tips and comments are welcome, and you can follow me through the week on the twitters. Here we go.


Rhode Island health officials on Thursday approved Care New England’s plan to close Memorial Hospital’s emergency department, effectively shutting down the hospital.

The decision, effective Monday, includes a number of conditions – such as maintaining a walk-in clinic open seven days a week in Pawtucket -- designed to ensure services to area residents and off-set costs associated with transporting patients to other hospitals, according to a statement released by the state Department of Health.

The Gamm Theatre

In the play “Incognito,” four actors play 21 different roles, without so much as a set change or a new costume. In fact, they never even leave the stage.

Courtesy of the PawSox

PawSox officials unveiled a vision for a downtown Pawtucket ballpark on Friday, created by Yale architecture students, who spent part of a semester working on the project.

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Longtime Democrat and current PawSox consultant Guy Dufault joins Political Roundtable to discuss the outlook on the PawSox' proposed stadium and Rhode Island's emerging 2018 gubernatorial field.

Mid-September is here and with it a burst of General Assembly activity. So thanks for stopping by for the return of my weekly column. As usual, your tips and comments are welcome, and your can follow me through the week on the twitters. Here we go.

Rhode Island Senate Finance Chairman William Conley (D-East Providence) said public opinion is important, but will not ultimately determine the fate of the PawSox' proposed stadium in Pawtucket.