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On a quiet street by Green Hill Pond in Charlestown about a mile away from the ocean, Andrew Baer walks onto his front lawn and asks for help sliding the cap off his well. Luckily, he's having solar panels installed and there are plenty of hands at-the-ready. 

Lost Show Dog Found After Three Day Escape

Aug 1, 2018
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An exotic dog that evaded capture since escaping Sunday evening from a competition at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston has been found. 

Pagan, a two-year-old borzoi, jumped out of his owner, Winnie Kelly's window after winning 4th place in the hound category at the Providence County Kennel Club dog show. 

Kelly slept in her van, searching and calling for two days, then left the search in the hands of a friend, Denise Schumitz, who owns one of Pagan’s litter mates and helps find missing greyhounds. / Creative Commons License via Wikimedia

Russia and Vladimir Putin loom large over U.S. politics these days, between allegations of collusion and election meddling. But what are Americans to make of Russia?

A research team that includes professors from the University of Rhode Island is looking for volunteers on Cape Cod to have their drinking water tested. The team will be looking for man-made chemicals called PFAS in private wells.

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This spring and summer, more New England residents could be exposed to the tick that causes Lyme disease, according to a local tick expert. 

The House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to hold a bill to require armed campus police at Rhode Island’s public colleges for further study.


On Wednesday lawmakers will consider arming campus police at Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island. The University of Rhode Island armed campus police in 2015.

The bill would mandate the arming of campus police at all state colleges and universities. The legislation comes amid a growing debate about arming school personnel, after recent, deadly shootings at places like Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Center

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island are leading a new project in the Philippines to increase the number of fish in their waters.



Police at the University of Rhode Island say more than a dozen cars have been vandalized over the last two weeks on the school’s campus in Kingston.

A total of 14 vehicles have had swastikas or pornographic images scratched into them. Some of the vehicles sustained additional damage including broken mirrors and slashed tires.

URI Chief of Police Stephen Baker says so far, police are still looking for a suspect.

University of Rhode Island

Gina McCarthy, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Barack Obama, will receive an honorary doctor of science degree and give the commencement address at the University of Rhode Island’s commencement on Sunday, May 20th.

The new men’s basketball coach at the University of Rhode Island is the school’s top assistant, David Cox, according to university spokeswoman Linda Acciardo. Cox will be paid $700,000 annually for five years under his contract with the university.


April 4th, 2018 marks 50 years since the assasination of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. King inspired change in America through impassioned speeches and nonviolent protests. Two years prior to his assassination, MLK visited the University of Rhode Island campus . In 1968, his assassination inspired change to the campus that would continue for years to come.

Tuition To Rise At RI's Public Colleges

Mar 28, 2018
University of Rhode Island

Tuition is set to increase at Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island. The State Council on Post-secondary Education voted on the changes, which take effect fall 2018.

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Rhode Island and Connecticut are two bordering New England states whose residents have usually gotten along. But RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay wonders has noticed that relations have gotten chippy lately.

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An advocate for environmental justice says communities of color need to take charge of their own economies to better-prepare for the effects of climate change.